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Is This Annoying Sound Familiar to you?
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We can help with wind induced railing noise.
Our products reduce the railings ability to create noise and vibration solving your balcony railing noise problem.

The "Quick Zip Quiet Bar" is a great alternative to Foam Filling the pickets

It's a DIY solution that's fast to install and can be removed if needed.

This is perfect for Tenants or Hotel Management who need to deal with Noisy rails or customer complaints immediately!

The Quick Zip Quiet Bar attaches in minutes!
We don't recommend this for houses with small children.

INstalled QZQB
This Handy Device comes with complete Installation instructions and Installation Fasteners.

The Quick Zip Quiet Bar or QZQB does require maintenance every 3 months or so.

It has the advantage that it can be removed in minutes if you are planning a party or have small children visiting.

Zip Fastener Install Gun ~ Makes installation a Snap

This is the optional Installation tool that makes installation a snap!

The Tool Shown to the right is one of two that we stock, the Color and look vary slightly between models.

Additional Zip Fasteners are also available.

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