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Is This Annoying Sound Familiar to you?
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We can help with wind induced railing noise.
Our products reduce the railings ability to create noise and vibration solving your balcony railing noise problem.

The sound you heard is from Condominium Aluminum  Balcony Railings recorded while the wind blows. How do we solve this problem?
Click our Foam Filled Rail page or our Quick Zip Quiet Bar page to see how.

Why do some Aluminum Balcony Railings vibrate and make a loud irritating noise?
Depending on your Building construction, and the orientation to the prevailing wind direction, together with other factors, almost any building exposed to winds greater than 25 mph could be effected.
Click on our Research & Development page for more insight on how this happens.

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Who is affected by this sort of Wind Noise?

• Condo Owners • Property Management Companies • High Rise Buildings • Rental Agencies • Tenants •
Pretty much anyone who stays in a noisy Condo or Hotel unit.

• Hotel Operators. Get rid of the complaints and the bad publicity that angry guests leave.

Check out these reviews!
"OK...Just OK...pray for no wind if you stay here!”
"I wouldn't suggest an East corner unit to my worst enemy."

Don't allow noisy balcony railings to disturb your Valued Guests!

What's the impact of this noise nuisance?

Customer Complaints
• Difficult Real Estate Sales
• Lack of Sleep
• Lowered Property Values
• Guest Complaints

All this can be fixed for around the daily cost of a cup of Coffee & a Danish!
Check our Order Page for more pricing information.

We offer a Service to fill your Railings with Foam to quiet them down. Click Foam Filled Rails  for more information.

We also provide an economical "Quick Zip Quiet Bar" which can be attached to your noisy railing. Click Quick Zip Quiet Bar for more info.